Siege of Avalon Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 3.0
Gameplay : 9.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.5
Review by RedZombie

Siege of Avalon is almost a traditional Role-Playing Game with Real Time combat system. The novelty here is that this game is the first one that has been divided into six different chapters that are being sold one at time. Chapter 1 is free and you can get it from, Chapters 2-6 are being sold. One Chapter costs 9,95$ or all five Chapters 40$. Chapter 1,2 and 6 are fundamentale if you want to finish the game, chapter 3,4 and 5 are just throwing you deeper into the story of Avalon. Anyway there's no need to play them if you dont want to. Digital Tome has released chapters 1 and 2 allready and 3 is soon to be released (Check their homepage for release dates). I have not played a lot of RPG's myself, but I choosed to try this game, so if you wanna bug about some titbitts here and there please keep in mind that i am not RPG fanatic :), but now to the game. When creating a character you have three Training Styles to choose: Fighter, Scout, Magician.

Character creation

You are arriving into Avalon with a ship (Lady Aele) that has just been in Sha'ahoul ambush where 12 man died. Immediatly after arriving you start talking with your brother Corvus and you have to choose to hear bad news (Father has died) from him or rather not. Corvus is telling that he is trying to break free with General Ovoron. They were just waiting that supply fleet would arrive, but now that only one ship made it through last choice is to attack.

Corvus heading to battle

You are not ready to battle yet. Training first...

First order

After traing you will heard horrible news, Corvus is missing!!! (I did shit in my pants... -hiv). First reaction is of course to head out and look for him and luckily it will possible because with the worthy help of Mudam (Leader of all scouts) you will get assigned to scouting indeed and you will be free to go to a close village looking for Corvus...

Like i said in the beginning of the review I have played very little RPG's so I cannot compare SOA's gameplay to another 200 RPGs, but at least I liked the beginning of the story. There is a lot of missions to accomplish and mind-blowing side quests. Everything is controlled by mouse (There are also Keyboard shortcuts to your Journal, Inventory and so on). Btw. X-Ray mode was not on by default and it's very usefully to have it on, so remember hit "X" (can u look for mistress pussy with those x-ray? *yummy* -hiv).

Not a lot to tell about sound/music department. Music is something that I was forced to set to quiet after 5 mins of gameplay and sounds are just some combat sounds and easy stuff like that, the audio will not add much to the game atmosphere, prolly your own music cd is way better.

This game is based on an Isometric engine so dont expect any 3D Graphics, But as you can see, courtesy of the screenshots, graphics are more than worthy for this kind of game.

Siege of Avalon was was a nice adventure into RPG's and I did come to the conclusion to head out to buy more chapters. The game is higly aimed at RPG players but everyone should give it a try. Easy control, amusing plot, u will not get kicked out of the game so easy. And further more chaper 1 is FREE, so head out and download it, you will not regreet it.