Siege Online
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North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtSiege Online is a free role-playing strategy game. You become a feudal lord in a medieval world of internecine wars. Expect a very original game, with fresh ideas and cohesive gameplay. Check it out for yourself:

* Unique battle system turns every battle into a full-scale war; its winner depends on troops positions, on the chosen strategy, and on making the right decisions at the right times. Some players even call the battles "chess-like" for being deceptively simple but having some serious tactical depth.
* The development of your character is supplemented by the development of your castle. You control and manage the training of troops, building and upgrading workshops and barracks - and then travel all over the game world looking for resources, blueprints and adventures.
* Capture and control your own land, get some real property - a part of the game world. The land is under total control of its owners: they can build defenses, manufacturing and residential buildings, roads, fortifications, ornamental and other objects.
* There are many more things to do in the game world: diplomacy, trade, hunting, geology, looting and even special zones for free-for-all PVP.
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Siege Online Flavia Trailer (HD)
38.77MB - 45 downloads - 4 June, 2012

MMORPS Siege Online have got a new territory Flavia centered around the grand city of Veron where experienced players can obtain access to new quests and advanced weapons.

play Siege Online Flavia Trailer (HD) download Siege Online Flavia Trailer (HD)