Sim Coaster
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Date 2001-01-31
Publisher Electronic Arts
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North America Retail Box ArtSimCoaster may seem to be a brand-new game trying to cash in on the wild popularity of amusement-park simulators, but it is actually the latest version of Bullfrog's successful Sim Theme Park series being served up under a new name. The 3-D graphics have been touched up a bit and heaps of new features have been added, but it retains the basic Theme Park premise of letting players design and manage their own amusement parks. Everything from the packaging to the playful visuals would make one think SimCoaster is a lighthearted software toy, but this time around the game is all business. Although it is possible to design roller coasters, log flumes, and other amusement-park favorites, the game focuses more on strict park management than creativity. As in similar games, players must hire staff such as gardeners, repairmen, and engineers, but SimCoaster also makes players worry about training these human resources, setting their wages, and even giving them a place to rest. It's not enough to strategically place restrooms throughout the park, but players must remember to build both male and female lavatories. It all adds up to a frustrating level of micromanagement. If a detailed amusement-business-management sim was exactly what you were looking for, SimCoaster has plenty of other aspects that should help keep your attention. The graphics are good with particularly excellent animation, and it's possible to zoom from an overhead view of the park all the way down to sidewalk level so you can see exactly what the visitors are seeing. You can even ride your coasters in a first-person view. Unfortunately, the sound effects are sorely lacking and the game's music is uninspiring, but the actors who voiced the other park managers you work with and the interactive advisor did an outstanding job. Fans of Sim Theme Park (and the older Theme Park series) will love this update, but those looking to spend more time building rides and simply watching their park work without having to constantly answer to management will be disappointed.--T. Byrl Baker Pros: Colorful, well-animated graphics Can ride your own coasters Detailed business simulation Excellent in-game help and tutorial Cons: Micromanagement will be a turnoff for Roller Coaster Tycoon fans It's difficult to find an ideal camera angle for viewing the park
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