Slender: The Arrival
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Slender: The Arrival Console Release Date Trailer (HD)
20.03MB - 75 downloads - 5 September, 2014

Slender: The Arrival, the official Slender Man game, was written by the creative team behind Marble Hornets. The story centers on an unwitting participant in the Slender Man mythos whom walks into a mystery that just keeps pulling her in deeper. Lauren, a realtor helping a friend sell her property arrives at Kate’s home just to find a cryptic note and an empty house. Powering up her camcorder, Lauren takes off in search of Kate, but unbeknownst to her something ancient, dark and other-worldly is stalking her every step of the way… Slender: The Arrival focuses on placing players in a strange environment with nothing more than a camcorder and flashlight to guide the way. With visual capabilities at an all-time low, sound becomes an integral part of the experience, driving some players mad – and others to tears. Are you up to the challenge? Can you survive The Arrival? Website: Facebook:‐The‐Arrival/349286818491298 Twitter:

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