Smugglers 2: New Lands
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Expands the full version of Smugglers 2 by additional exciting features - a MUST HAVE for all Smugglers fans. You need to own the fullversion of Smugglers 2 to use this program.

Please note that you will need the Smugglers 2 full-version in order to install and play the additional features of the add-on.
10 new sectors filled with new planets and asteroids to explore.
There is a 25% chance when raiding a planet that you can conquer it.
One new profession: The miner. You can now mine for ore in asteroid fields.
You can now choose between a couple of sectors to start in (including Outerrim or pirate sectors).
New ship upgrades:
a) Additional cargo space
b) Mining robot
c) New torpedo: AECM torpedo
d) New targeting computer: Military Plus
New guns:
a) Photonic cannon (can only be mounted by the new Marauder IIC ship)
b) Phaser
Prices for the "illegal" goods in the game have been doubled. This should boost the profession of the smuggler.
New ships (no new ship pictures!!):
a) Union II (very large freighter)
b) Marauder IIC (toughest battleship ever)
You can not start modules created with the Smugglers 2 editor with the additional features of the addon.
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Screenshots added: 2008-08-13