Snail Racers
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2010-02-25
Publisher N/A
Date 2010-02-25
Publisher N/A
In Snail Racers, the player controls a charming snail, participating on a series of races to find out who's the fastest snail in the planet!The game has captivating characters, who during the races can use weapons and traps to try to stop their opponents to win the race.

12 different tracks to run.
2 simultaneous local players, with horizontal split screen.
3 game modes: time trial, single race and championship!
5 racers (2 unlocked at start) with their own properties.
3 championships, and the possibility to create your own!
Possibility to run WITH or WITHOUT power-ups on the tracks, changing radically the way to play!
Joystick support, including XBOX 360 joysticks with vibration support.
Game completely in English and Portuguese.
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