Soccer Legends
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Soccer Legends Teaser Trailer (HD)
12.75MB - 84 downloads - 14 April, 2015

Soccer Legends brings the excitement of Tactical-RPG games to the world of football. Managing a team, controlling it in the spectacular turn-based matches where taking the initiative and selecting the best strategy is the only way to glory. Soccer Legends will be coming to Early Access in the coming months so stay tuned. The game will receive a full release later this year.

play Soccer Legends Teaser Trailer (HD) download Soccer Legends Teaser Trailer (HD)
Soccer Legends Kickstarter Trailer (HD)
45.45MB - 51 downloads - 18 September, 2013

Soccer Legends is a TBS game mixed with RPG and soccer manager in a world like Captain Tsubasa.

play Soccer Legends Kickstarter Trailer (HD) download Soccer Legends Kickstarter Trailer (HD)