Soul Captor
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Soul Captor Classes Reveal Trailer (HD)
40.85MB - 33 downloads - 12 July, 2012

Soul Captor Global English presents the 6 unique classes to the world. See the Celestial Master, Priest, Warrior, Onmyogi, Shaman and Mystic Fighter in action against a fearsome new boss being released soon in a future content expansion.

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Soul Captor Introducing the Anima Trailer (HD)
24.92MB - 39 downloads - 28 June, 2012

The Anima and Soul Systems In Soul Captor you are accompanied by an "Anima", your very own customizable spirit creature. This guardian angel is there for you every step of the way, and both its appearance and stats can be tailored to suit your needs. Although small (and very cute!), Animas can become incredibly powerful as you level up their skills. These include Offensive, Defensive and Supportive modes that can be selected on the fly to suit your combat situation and playing style. Your Anima can also be set up to take care of micromanagement issues such as reminding you which dungeon instances you have completed today or what events are upcoming. Furthermore, you will never have to worry about topping up your health and mana in battle again as if they drop below a pre-set level your Anima can automatically administer the potions of your choice. As long as you have enough potions in your inventory, you will never have to worry about last second potion popping again! Start your soul collection! The Anima is the key to collecting Soul Spirit from defeated foes, which in turn are added to your "Soulpedia". This amazing book wielded by your Anima captures and contains the souls of your defeated foes. The objective is of course to find and collect them all. Soul Spirit can be used to create powerful buffs and enchantments to strengthen both you and your Anima. Collected monster souls in your Soulpedia unlock achievement bonuses and some can even be summoned as mounts for you or your Anima. Just wait until you see some of the boss monster mounts!

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Soul Captor Trailer (HD)
62MB - 45 downloads - 17 April, 2012

In the beginning of time, the God of Creation looked out into the chaotic realm, and used his divine power to inhabit a continent with the most beautiful flora and fauna the universe had ever seen. He created the humans in his own image to populate this world and named the continent the “Mortal Realm”. Another continent teeming with life started to imitate the Mortal Realm. Strange creatures possessing abilities different to that of the humans appeared and slowly became known as the “Asura”. Thus, the god of creation named this continent: “Dark Realm”. Cities were built above these realms where the gods; assigned by the God of Creation, could oversee their inhabitants. With the two worlds in harmony, the God of Creation left. However, his departure created a disturbance and the beasts from the Dark Realm started invading the Mortal Realm. As the force controlling the worlds started to dissolve, a mysterious darkness emerged. You enter this story as a divine oracle and begin your adventure by descending to the Mortal Realm in order to bring peace to the world.

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