Sovereign Symphony
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
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The setting of Sovereign Symphony is based upon a fictional story, which has been under development for the past six years. The creative and rich storyline is supported by physical science, tremendous symmetry, quantum physics, mathematics and scientific theories. Players with PhysX processor-enhanced PC gaming rigs will experience real-time, story-enhancing physics such as enabling the atron energy usage, which allows everything in the environment to interact with and among each other, and realistic massive siege wars with incredible and retro-futuristic siege weapons.
Sovereign Symphony is a tactical role-playing game; a game type that gives you a chance to enter a new world of a fiction/scenario and be a character of this world.
However, SovSym is not a hybrid of RTS (Real Time Strategy) games and RPGs (Role Playing Games). Its style and gameplay will be totally different with its tactical essences in retro-futuristic and unique fiction aspects, CĂ©iron Alternative Reality and immense possibilities of role playing.
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