Space Rangers 2
Genre Simulation -> Space
Today's Rank 893
Date 2006-03-16
Publisher Cinemaware
Date N/A
Publisher 1C Company
North America Retail Box ArtSpace Rangers 2 is not easily classifiable. It can be best described as a turn-based RPG giving gamers an unprecedented level of freedom in a vast universe. Combining various genres and styles of gameplay, including third and first person mech battles, RTS elements, classic text adventures, and an arcade style shooter, the game allows the player to determine their own destiny. There are an unlimited number of outcomes to Space Rangers 2 – each player will get a different experience in the face of evil intentions from a sinister race of robots.

- One of the most critically acclaimed games of the year!
- Turn-based RPG encompassing various gameplay genres in a vast and open-ended interstellar world
- Unique, ambitious vision that delivers epic gameplay on a new scale!
- ADDED BONUS, includes the original Space Rangers 1 and a collectible poster!
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