Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date 2004-12-01
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North America Retail Box ArtSpartan takes you back 2000 years to the Classical Era and gives you control of Sparta, one of the most feared military machines of all time. Lead your city-state to world conquest through a mix of research, trade and naval power. The world lies at your feet, ready for the taking -- are you up to the task? New multiplayer option with unique AAM(always active multiplayer) feature for two players over LAN or GameSmith

- Face off against 100 historically researched nations, portrayed by an accurate campaign map of ancient Greece around 400BC
- Heroic leaders to inspire soldiers and lead armies in the field -- over 40 troop types across 10 ethnic and cultural groups
- Pay philosophers and scientists able to research dozens of different technologies
- Roman, Persian or barbarian invaders, interspersed with an accurate time line of actual and random events that occur throughout the game
- Siege your enemy's cities before assaulting them, but beware of the ferocious Greek Fire
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