Special Operation Forces Raiders: Operation Eagle Talon
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date N/A
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SOF/Raiders is a first person shooter game that combines the thrill of the hunt mixed with a strategic challenge to solve a mission objective. Play as a spec ops agents running in dark mode, equipped with a single silenced weapon and limited ammunition. Missions are specially designed to have no set paths for completion, allowing users to solve the problems on their own
The first installment of SOF/Raiders contains 5 plot driven missions. Each mission contains three difficulty levels and the objective is to complete the mission with the highest score possible. Each mission contains random effects, such as weather. All of the first SOF/Raiders missions are set in low light, requiring the use of night vision, Hawkeye overhead monitors, and the subtle use of the dark for stealth strikes on opponents.

Single Player Features:
Five game levels with three dificulty levels each.
Mission levels can be replayed after completion
Each level has a puzzle to work out while the bullets fly.
Random weather effects each time the game is run.
Silenced SMP - 9 Assault rifle, grenades.
Hawkeye overhead satellite view.
Light level meter for sneaking in the dark.
Night vision equipment, radar and compass.
Interactive Doors, computers, panels that can be destroyed.

Multiple Player Features:
Local Area Network (LAN) based game for up to 8 players.
Internet based game for up to 8 players.
Deathmatch free for all or Teams.
Capture the flag.
User selectable cloak, armor and gun settings.
Extra weapons choice of Shotgun, Sniper Rifle and Grenade Launcher.
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