Speed Haste Review

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Graphics: 6.0
Sound : 7.0
Gameplay : 6.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.5
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This game, which sadly is a somewhat forgotten one is in my humble opinion quite a fun one, for a while that
is. You see Speed Haste has alot of the features you'd expect from a game, and it does have those features
in a well designed way. But, the thing is that this is the kind of game you finish in aprox. 30 minutes.
The menu is easy to understand, and in the background there's a picture of one of the formula 1 cars
you get to race with, along with the catchy theme melody being played. In the options I found out that there's
a jukebox (!), so I went quickly through the entire soundtrack and actually, they didn't sound too bad.
Some of the songs sound like they have asian origin, while some sound a little 80'ish, but generally speaking
they aren't too bad, and they are really catchy! When you chose to play you get to chose between single player,
against a person sharing the keyboard, or multiplayer. You get to choose between serial cable, modem and ipx,
so you should have the means for a fun time there.
In the single player section you can choose between Championship, single race, practice and a few options such
as what kind of model of cars you'd like to race with (stock car or formula 1), and some things I'll leave
you with if you decide to try the game. To get the most out of the game I thought I'd give Championship a try,
and so I did. Each track takes from about 2.5 to 5 minutes, and with 3 to 5 laps and 9 tracks you have quickly
won enough tracks to win the entire championship, and to top it all, there is not ending.
In Single Race you at least get to choose what track you'd like to race, and like in the other modes you get
to choose what kind of car you'd like to race with (manual/automatic etc).

If I were to be a game tester for EA back in 96 my tip to them would be; make the game bigger! When a guy pays
for this game retail and everything you do demand some kind of challange that would last at least for a few
hours, and that's a minimum.

The Graphics:
While I was playing the game I came to thinking, this game's graphics does remind me of a game called
Radix, Radix: Beyond the Void to be exact. I'm not really sure why, but at least it looks a little like a
mixture of Big Red Racing's 3d cars, but with a different kind of textures etc. Do not expect to see the
kind of cars you have in Big Red Racing, they're not that "nice", but I must say that EA has done a good
job with them, and I am just as sure that the younger audience which this game probably was aimed at was
pleased. You see it was back in 96 EA put out The Need For Speed 1 which also was a fun game, but it did
look a lot different, and was probably aimed at an audience that was a few years older.

The Sounds:
Alot of wroom wroom here.. You've got the regular formula 1 sounds, your regular stock car sounds, the
regular crash sounds etc etc. The overall quality is good, nothing more, nothing less.

The Music:
As I wrote in the general information section this game has alot of catchy tunes, even though some might
seem a bit "strange", hehe. Depends on the taste I suppose. There is a good variation between the songs,
so you won't have to hear the same song just with a slightly different beat or whatever.

The Gameplay:
You've got the regular arrow key controls here, so unless you're a fruitcake handling the cars should be
easy. One thing I found positive is that the stock cars slide more than the formula cars, and they also
accelerate alot slower than the formula 1 cars, so it is at least somewhat realistic. You do not need to
worry about crashing into your car and fearing you won't get to finish the race because of damages, as
you just can't crash you car that much. Some might say that this makes the game less realistic, but think
about the audience this game was meant for, slightly young people who don't really care about crashing,
and would only be pissed if their car went to pieces. I'm not saying older people doesn't get pissed about
that, but you probably understand what I'm talking, err writing about :)