Spike The Hedgehog Review

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Graphics: 5.0
Sound : 2.0
Gameplay : 6.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 3.5
Review by Beaver

Remember the days when Frogger was a bad ass game? Well no, I don't either. I never really loved the idea of jumping on logs and out of the way of trucks. Well, a little while back Frogger 3D was released to the delight of nostalgic gamers everywhere. Now fast forward to the present. 3D Game Studio and Horux Interactive release a game called Spike the Hedgehog. When I first read the name I thought "wow, sounds like a rip off of that other hedgehog game (Sonic)." I was wrong. It is (as you may have guessed) almost exactly like a much simpler version of Frogger 3D.


The Graphics are decent when compared to those of Frogger 3D, but by today's standards that isn't good enough. The characters and their shadows are rather blocky and the animation is sub par at best. Also the lighting seemed to act very strangely at times. I don't think there is much more to say about it, it looks like Frogger 3D with a hedgehog and cows.

Sound and Music:

Now this game didn't suck to the point that it made me angry, but the music sure did. I have played a lot of games in my life and I have never been so disappointed by the sound. The effects are absolutely horrible and scarce. When you "die" the hedgehog makes this "uh-oh" noise that sounds annoying as it is awful. There is no originality or effort put into the sound aspect of this game and the actual quality of it is very, very poor. You're better off turning of your speakers and turning on the radio or popping your favorite CD into your stereo.


The object of the game is to collect enough stars to open a "gate" which leads to the next level. You must do so while dogging cows and bulls as they walk in repetitive circles or lines (sound like any other game?). There is no saving in this game (which can make it very frustrating) but there are these little rings of stars that, once you step on them, become your new starting point if you die. That's about all there is to it. It isn't really that bad, but after you die you play the exact same game over and over again, thus it gets boring rather quickly.




I know this review is kind of short, but the game just isn't very complex. There is a total of one button other than the movement keys, about 4 sound effects, and no real story. Sound like fun yet? Well if you are still interested, I can only suggest this game to you if it is like $5. Otherwise, if for some reason you have this deep seeded need to avoid things moving in unchanging patterns, buy Frogger 3D instead (think I've mentioned that game enough yet?), which will also be on the budget racks. Better yet find a highway next to a swamp and then begin dodging cars and jumping on logs and alligators while one of your friends films you from a helicopter. When you press play on the VCR you will be much more satisfied than playing either of these games.