Spirit Tales
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Publisher Koramgame.com
Date N/A
Publisher Koramgame.com
Spirit Tales takes place in an earth-like fantasy world and is divided into two hemispheres, the dark and the light. ­Players will embark upon a journeyinto a magical realm mixed with light-hearted animation, alluring characters, and unique experiential blends of action, adventure, and RPG gameplay. With 6 classes and a fully customizable creation system, players can expect a high-degree of in-game freedom. With gamers in mind, Spirit Tales is designed to offer players a unique and extensive pet-capture system, over 40 million customization combinations, PvP (Player vs Player) battles, and in-depth character progression.

- Tribe and Classes:

- 3 Tribes: The Gold Kirin Tribe, The Maned Dragon Tribe, and The Lunar Fox Tribe

- 6 Classes: Archer, Sorcerer, Fighter, Warrior, Shaman, and the Assassin

- Over 40 Million customizing combinations

- In-Depth Skill Tree and Crafting System

- Pet-Capture System and Training

- 5 vs 5 PvP (Player vs Player) Arena Battles

- Sweetheart System: Gives buffs and special abilities
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Spirit Tales 1v5 Monster Boss PvP Trailer
7.17MB - 32 downloads - 4 June, 2012

The revolutionary 1v5 Monster Boss PvP will give players the chance to compete in an epically fun battle as a massive dungeon boss, or as 1 of 5 daring challengers ready to take up arms in the face of annihilation. Comprised of a 6-player all out fight for survival, players must race against the clock to defeat their competition for a chance to obtain stronger, more powerful PvP equipment. Experience the new Spirit Tales 1v5 Monster Boss PvP on June 6 and be entered for a chance to win gaming peripherals and more. For more information visit: http://forum.koramgame.com/thread-61331-1-1.html Register for a free Spirit Tales account: http://st.koramgame.com Follow Spirit Tales on Facebook for the latest news and updates: http://facebook.com/spirit.tales

play Spirit Tales 1v5 Monster Boss PvP Trailer download Spirit Tales 1v5 Monster Boss PvP Trailer
Spirit Tales Open Beta Trailer
10.05MB - 67 downloads - 5 May, 2012

In Spirit Tales, players will embark upon a journey across a colorful fantasy world, battling fierce creatures and capturing magical pets to call their own. Work harmoniously with friends to create the perfect Guild Island, or unlock a character's Spirit Form to unleash devastating attacks on opponents during exciting player-versus-player (PvP) battles. With six unique character classes to choose from, and over 40 million customization and fashion combinations, Spirit Tales is designed to offer players a high degree of in-game freedom and an “Epically Cute, Massively Fun” online gaming experience.

play Spirit Tales Open Beta Trailer download Spirit Tales Open Beta Trailer
Spirit Tales Character Class Introduction Trailer
5.52MB - 48 downloads - 1 May, 2012

Get a special look at the six playable character classes in Spirit Tales, a cute 3D fantasy MMORPG; from the Gold Kirin Tribe's Fighter and Shaman, to the Lunar Fox's Sorcerer and Assassin, and last, but not least, the Maned Dragon's Archer and Warrior. Spirit Tales goes into open beta May 10!

play Spirit Tales Character Class Introduction Tra.. download Spirit Tales Character Class Introduction Tra..