Spooky Spirits
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
Date N/A
Moving away from the overused match-two and match-three templates of many of its competitors, Spooky Spirits combines the pick up and play accessibility of familiar puzzle games and injects it with a rich vein of originality while providing the choice of playing at breakneck speed or at a more relaxed pace.

A ground-breaking twist on the falling block and match-2 templates. Build and expand stacks of Spookies in any direction and in any number!
Three unique game modes, each with its own distinct gameplay and objectives - Panic Mode, Puzzle Mode and Eternity Mode. Choose to play at breakneck speed or at a more relaxed pace.
Original IP: original gameplay, original story and original characters.
Runs on old and new PCs, supports Windows Vista and widescreen HD gaming.
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