Squad Assault: Second Wave
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2005-08-10
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North America Retail Box ArtSquad Assault: Second Wave brings you into an immersive full 3D continuous time environment. Once the battle starts, the soldiers you command respond with real reactions to the combat situations around them. Your men need your strategic mind and unwavering nerve as battles rage, in this riveting recreation of World War II tactical combat. More than 50 superior quality bonus sample mods

- Command troops in both the Allied and German armies of the West Front of World War II in an immersive full 3-D continuous time environment
- Detailed models for all the major armies that fought in France in 1944, including American, German, British, Canadian and Free French
- Features 57 mission scenarios (historical and hypothetical), 26 operations and 6 dynamic campaigns for long replay
- PC Games Software
- Platform: PC
- Media Format: CD
- Minimum Open Hard Drive Space: 512.0MB
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