Squad Leader
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date 2000-10-29
Publisher Atari
Date N/A
North America Retail Box ArtSquad Leader from Hasbro and Random Games builds on the tactical turn-based gaming found in earlier titles such as Soldiers at War, Jagged Alliance, and X-Com, but is unfortunately also saddled with bad graphics, interface, and sound. It's unfortunate because there is a wealth of gameplay here. There are three campaigns, a handful of single-player missions, and a powerful and customizable random mission generator. The campaigns cover the invasion of Normandy (Americans), the Axis in retreat (Germans), and the paratroopers in Operation Market Garden (British). The game has you choosing and equipping two to three small squads of men, each featuring their own personalities, and moving them one by one to attack the enemy. Characters move by using a limited number of action points. They can run, walk, crawl, lie prone, kneel, shoot, and use any special abilities or weapons they possess (grenades, demolitions, medics) depending on the number of points they have. You can also control tanks, half-tracks, and other special weapons. This deep gameplay, however, is saddled with graphics that look three years old. Sight range is limited and the interface can best be described as slow and stodgy. Movement animations are laughable and the voice acting is poor. Squad Leader also completely lacks the multiplayer features that gamers have come to expect. It's important to note that this is not a computerized version of the popular board game Advanced Squad Leader, despite the fact that Hasbro owns the rights to that game. The name is a bit deceptive in this regard. --Bob Andrews Pros: Three full campaigns Deep, strategic gameplay A powerful random mission generator Cons: Stodgy graphics No multiplayer Poor voice acting and writing
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