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SQUIDS Making Of Prototype Evolution Trailer
6.16MB - 24 downloads - 30 November, 2011

In SQUIDS, players will command a small army of stretchy, springy sea creatures to protect an idyllic underwater kingdom from a sinister emerging threat. An infectious black ooze is spreading through the lush seascape, turning ordinary crustaceans into menacing monsters. Now a plucky team of Squids—each with unique personalities, skills, and ability-boosting attire—must defend their homeland and overturn the evil forces that jeopardize their aquatic utopia.

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SQUIDS Sammo Trailer (HD)
11.68MB - 26 downloads - 24 November, 2011

Sammo is Samurai who's always looking for ways to get better ... and richer! He is very talkative, curious and a little bit greedy. He knows how to enjoy life! He is a very though warrior. He is very resistant and can make a lot of damage on several enemies at once with his great stomp attack. But take in consideration that he moves much more slowly than his companions.

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SQUIDS Venus Trailer (HD)
12.22MB - 29 downloads - 17 November, 2011

Venus is the princess of Thalas. Entirely devoted to her people, she will not hesitate to put aside her throne and crown to save them. She will be a great help throughout the adventure since she has a very good knowledge of her kingdom. She is also a healer. Although less powerful than Vahine for this ability, she turns out to be more effective in combat. She could be a great addition to your team since she can heal and fight

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SQUIDS Vesper Trailer (HD)
17.91MB - 34 downloads - 20 October, 2011

Vesper is very determined. Member of the guard of Thalas, she takes her work very seriously. Throughout her adventure, she will remain strongly committed to her mission: rescue all of the Squids' seven Kingdoms. Vesper is a shooter, she is armed with two powerful crossbows. Her firepower is nowhere near Clint's but she has great mobility skills, which give her a valuable advantage on the battlefield.

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SQUIDS Winnick Trailer (HD)
9.99MB - 25 downloads - 6 October, 2011

Winnick is an old master and a survivor of the first war. He certainly is the wisest of all. Always of very good advice, he is also very generous and devoted to those he particularly likes. He is now yearning for a more peaceful life, full of savory food, fine wine and good company. In battle, Winnick is unbeatable. He is a multi-class character : he has a very strong stomp attack, but he can also dash like Steev or Kapono. His stomp attack is very powerful but also pushes back enemies very far, increasing chances for them to fall in holes or crush themselves on urchins.

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SQUIDS Kapono Trailer (HD)
12.88MB - 32 downloads - 27 September, 2011

0:43 of gameplay footage

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SQUIDS Steev Trailer (HD)
13.33MB - 29 downloads - 21 September, 2011

Steev is undoubtedly a hot head! Without hesitation, he will rush head down at your tougher enemy. Steev is a scout and he has a special ability called "dash". It allows him to cover more distance than his companions and perform combos. But his true speciality, and what he loves the most, is attack. He is one of the most powerful Squids with strong melee attacks and combos. Is he going to join your team of Squids?

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SQUIDS Trailer (HD)
25.03MB - 32 downloads - 17 August, 2011

1:07 of in-game footage

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