Star Sentinel Tactics
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date N/A
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Star Sentinel Tactics takes the proven gameplay of turn-based tactical combat, and invigorates it with exciting new ideas like eliminating CPU turn waiting, dynamic battles and narrative-driven missions. As well as dazzling 3D graphics and line-of-sight driven by a powerful physics engine, the game offers a cast of captivating characters and creatures, and an array of explosive weaponry. Each of the 28 hand-crafted missions will offer players a unique tactical challenge, from creeping silently past patrols in a dusty desert city to providing cover for heavy assault troops as they raid an alien mothership.As well as a compelling single player campaign, the game will ship with a full-featured suite of editing tools, which will allow players to craft their own weapons, characters, missions and even campaigns. While it may sound like an ambitious project for a medium-sized team, it has in fact been a passion project developed by just a single man.
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