Star Sonata 2
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
Today's Rank 11218
Date N/A
Publisher Landauer Games
Date N/A
Publisher Landauer Games
Star Sonata 2 improves upon the original with 3d graphics, a greatly improved user interface, RTS-like controls for your ships, drones, and bases, inter-dimensional invasions that the players must cooperatively fight, expanded tech levels, and an amazing new musical score. It transforms the retro-style of Star Sonata 1 into a polished, modern MMORPG.

* Action-based combat and movement
* 8 classes, 4 trade skills, and 127 total skills that the players can train as they progress.
* Almost 2000 missions
* Thousands of different items that can be obtained or constructed
* Sandbox style universe with persistent space bases, colonies, automated trading ships, and defensive drones.
* RTS-like controls for controlling your slave ships, combat drones, and bases
* Universe separated into PvP and non-PvP zones
* Players can advance economically by trading between bases, creating their own bases and colonies, killing enemies, collecting PvP bounties, or completing missions.
* The universe "resets" every 3-4 months and re-randomizes most of the galaxies creating new conflict where there once was settled borders.
* A player can "win" the game by declaring himself emperor and defending his palace successfully until the end of a universe.
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