Star Trek: Away Team
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 7316
Date 2001-03-14
Publisher Activision
Date 2001-03-30
Publisher Activision
North America Retail Box ArtStar Trek Away Team is a top down optional RTS game that sees you command a four man away team through a number of missions behind enemy lines. With an interface similar to Commandos the movement is mainly controlled via the mouse and shortcut keys rather than face paced First Person Shooter action. Armed with the task of helping out where the Federation can't, Star Trek Away Team sees you play Captain Refelian on the USS Incursion, a new class of ship that can cloak/mask itself to look like any other class ship across the Star Trek universe. Guiding you through your missions as you fight the Borg, Kinglons and of course Romulons is the voice of Brent Spinner--otherwise known as Data--and although you are unable to play him, it offers the familiarity that we all come to depend on in the Star Trek games. Anyone who enjoyed Commandos or general strategy will be at home with the control system, especially the visual shortcuts. Trading on the roots of other great strategy games makes for a good start; and you can skip the handholding of early missions. The 2-D viewpoint makes for a specification-friendly game except for the 600 Mb disk space; the main processor can trade down to under 350Mhz and less than 32 Mb on your graphics card. Being Star Trek it's almost blood free. The morality code within the game encourages stealth and long-range tactics; not the wading in with all guns blazing prevalent in Elite Force. Like its first-person elder brother, it succeeds by being a good game, Star Trek or not. --Kenneth Henry.
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