Star Trek: Bridge Commander
Genre Simulation -> Space
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Date 2002-02-27
Publisher Activision
Date 2002-03-08
Publisher Activision
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtImmerse yourself once again in the world of Star Trek with Star Trek Bridge Commander from Activision. While some of the Star Trek titles have really only appealed to a select few--i.e., die-hard Star Trek fans--this title brings a different slant on the world of tactical combat simulations. Based around a first-person view, you are either the first officer, Captain or Admiral aboard a Galaxy-class ship called the Dauntless. But just because it is first-person doesn't mean that you will be gun's-a-blazing and running from deck to deck like Star Trek Voyager; as the title suggests you will have your bum firmly planted in the chair as you command others, in your spaceship's moment of need. Based across 25 in-depth levels, you are slowly thrown into the melee, learning the systems--with the help of Jean Luc Picard--as you ferry him to another spaceport. Boredom or a quick completion are unlikely. The game also boasts a quick-battle arena where you can set a number of parameters and fight up to 16 other computer or human controlled craft across a LAN or the Internet. If you've ever fancied taking control of the Enterprise, but up until now were afraid of all the tactical RTS-style games such as Star Trek Armada 2, this is a perfect opportunity to earn your wings.--Jason Denwood

- Star Trek: Bridge Commander puts you right where you belong - in the Captain's chair! Set in the NextGen universe (and featuring a couple of surprise guest appearances, complete with the real actors doing the voiceovers), Bridge Commander puts you at the helm in a first-person, "through the vid-screen" view of a Federation starship (see the review for more details).
- Supports mods and multiplayer battles, with an active online community.
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