Star Trek: Dominion: Wars
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2001-06-20
Date N/A
Publisher V.U.G.
North America Retail Box ArtStar Trek: Deep Space Nine was the lowest-profile Trek series, and that worked to its benefit. It was able to tackle such subjects as racism and war crimes, and was the only Trek property to boldly feature an all-out interstellar war. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Dominion Wars brings the massive war between the Federation (and Klingons) against the evil Dominion (and Cardassians) thrillingly to life. Billed as a real-time strategy game, Dominion Wars lets you point and click a fleet of up to six hand-chosen captains and vessels through 10 missions and plenty of multiplayer action. You don't have direct control of ship weapons like you do in Interplay's excellent Starfleet Command series; in this game, your captains fire however they see fit. But you do control some ships' systems (scanners, transporters, shields, etc.,), and you have pinpoint control over the camera, which showcases the game's greatest strength: graphics. The exact visuals don't sell the game, the presentation does. It's undeniably exciting to watch a fleet of Federation ships, flanked by sleek Klingon Birds of Prey, all firing photon (or quantum) torpedoes and phasers into the sides of swift-moving Dominion ships and fishlike Cardassian warships--all with the Bajoran wormhole and the titular space station as a backdrop. The strategy has you using command points you've earned to draft fleets, captains, and special weapons. Additionally, the game ships with the full version of Starship Creator: Warp II. You can build your own ships and captains and import them into the game. Sadly, this game was let out of dry dock a little early, and is saddled with numerous bugs and problems. Be sure to beam up the latest patch from --Bob Andrews Pros: Great graphics and camera system Thrilling combat and a decent story line Cons: Some severe bugs and stability problems
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