Star Trek: Elite Force
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date N/A
Publisher Aspyr
Date 2000-09-15
Publisher Activision
Star Trek: Elite Force Star Trek: Elite Force United Kingdom Retail Box ArtStar Trek Voyager: Elite Force is as close as we've come so far to actually being able to participate in an away team mission. The plot of this first-person shooter is pure Star Trek: during a battle with an alien ship, the badly damaged USS Voyager is transported by mysterious means to a strange spaceship graveyard. It isn't long before the Voyager crew members discover they aren't the only abductees trying to patch their vessel together and escape, and the adventure begins. As a member of Voyager's newly formed hazard team, it's your job to secure required repair materials, gather information about the other survivors, and ultimately enable Voyager to resume its long journey home. Frequently there are two or more team members with you (including familiar faces like Seven of Nine), which lets missions play out more like episodes from the series than a solo firefight that just happens to take place in a Star Trek setting. Other team members will disable security fields, analyse data, converse with you as the mission progresses, and add some much-needed firepower in the tough battle sequences. Elite Force uses the Quake III engine to good effect, serving up some beautiful environments, colourful special effects, and smooth frame rates. Our only gripe is that all the missions take place inside various spacecraft, but the architecture used by each race is unique so that it isn't too repetitive. Elite Force stays very true to the source material, as you'll discover the first time you beam into a Borg cube and watch the inhabitants march by as if you weren't there. Shot a passing Borg and the massive environment sprung to life as the threat was detected and dozens of angry Borg will converge onto your position. The cast of the TV series provided the voices for their characters in the game, and the artists painstakingly modelled the interior of Voyager. It all lends an authentic flair to this fun game that belongs in the collection of any Star Trek fan. --T Byrl Baker
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Star Trek: Elite Force North America Retail Box Art

Star Trek: Elite Force United Kingdom Retail Box Art