Star Trek: Elite Force Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 5.0
Gameplay : 8.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.0
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Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

Another star trek game I hear your say? its been a while since the last, well this month anyway. Star Trek Voyager: Elite Forces is the first game to be based on the Voyager series. Star Trek EF uses the Quake 3 Engine to full effect making the game run smoother and better. The movies in the game are stunning with realistic models and voices bringing the game to life. In game visual's are just as good with beautiful scenarios and even better opening menu graphics representing the ships controls. The game is based around a new elite team called the "Hazard Team" which is meant to deal with hostile and unknown civilizations and situations. Like I did it is best to spend some time using the Training mode to get yourself used to the game. There are many different places your character explores from the beginning in the Borg Cube to the Klingon Bird Of Prey with each better than the next. the only thing that I think let this game down was not enough background music although the classic "scary" music was in place there didn't seem much else in the music dept. The game does include some watered down puzzles to tweak your brain now and then which adds to the tension around the game.

Graphics 8/10 Its the Quake 3 engine need I say more? graphics are excellent especially the parts where crew members are teleported, realistic model and environments which actually look the same as the original series

Sound 5/10 Although the game in some places is lacking that extra boost in the sound the rest of the game does make up for it with sharp sound effects and tension driving borg footsteps

GamePlay 8/10 One of the Best FPS I have actually enjoyed playing this year with immense storylines having you on the end of your seat. There is a nice array of weapons and special add-ons for your phaser, sadly I never played this online.

Overall 8/10 This is a definite buyer for me, I don't normally like star trek games or to that point star trek but this is an immense first person shooter that in my point of view is a good contender for game of the year