Star Wars Droid Works
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North America Retail Box ArtPit Droids poses the age-old math question: "If a droid traveling five miles per hour leaves Mos Espa at dawn, how long will it take to get to the Arena Gate?" Watto, Tatooine's notorious junk dealer, has purchased a large pit-droids shipment to help with the pod races. Naturally, the droids don't know the way, leaving you to direct the capering mechanoids to their goals by placing various arrows in their path. Right from the slick panoramic interface, Pit Droids is a blast. C-3PO's thorough tutorials (featuring the inimitable Anthony Daniels) and R2-D2's chirpy in-game help will have you herding the hordes of droids in no time. Not only do you need to avoid collisions, you need to change droids' attributes, sort them, and adjust the timing of their patterns. While holding your attention with the frenetic puzzle-solving fun, Pit Droids quietly refines your logical-thinking and problem-solving skills, making it a great game for older children as well as adults. Pit Droids rewards progress with comic short films of the clowning droids in action. Eight locations offer more than 300 puzzles spanning three levels of difficulty, and the Puzzle Editor lets you build your own devices. It's enough to keep you interested for as long as the droids keep you scrambling. --Jack Gardiner

- For 1 player
- 8 challenging game levels
- 300+ puzzles
- Create your own custom-made puzzles
- 6 unique Star Wars game environments
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