Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 657
Date 2006-10-24
Date 2006-10-27
North America Retail Box ArtStar Wars - Empire At War: Forces Of Corruption lets you join the war between the Empire & the Rebel Alliance from a whole new side: Yours. Become Tyber Zann, a criminal looking to take hold of the Star Wars underworld. The Rebels have just destroyed the Death Star, and the galaxy is in turmoil -- which is great for spreading corruption. Use your criminal strategic skills to influence factions, steal their funds, slow their production, spy on them and more. As you fight to become the biggest mob boss in the galaxy, you'll run up against both the Empire and Rebel heroes like Luke Skywalker. Get them out of your way and reach your ultimate goal: Stealing a Imperial Super Star Destroyer and eliminating your toughest rival - Jabba The Hutt!

- Experience the timeframe depicted in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi through an entirely new point of view as criminal mastermind Tyber Zann.
- Spreading corruption is the key to Underworld dominance.
- New hero characters such as Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and bounty hunters like Bossk and IG-88 use their own distinct special abilities in battle.
- New additions to land-tactical action include terrain modifiers, bunkers, mobile defenses and troop transports.
- Conquer 13 newly added planet maps (Bespinís Cloud City, Mustafar, Kamino, Utapau, Felucia, Mandalore and more), plus all 43 in the Empire at War core product
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