Star Wars Galaxies Jump to Lightspeed
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
Today's Rank 6617
Date 2004-10-26
Date 2004-11-12
Publisher Activision
North America Retail Box ArtStar Wars Galaxies: Jump To Lightspeed offers intense, real-time space combat that expands on the original role-playing game. Set in the time period between Episodes IV and V, this incredible expansion will take players through space as they become involved with either the Rebel Alliance or The Empire. Work alone to discover untold legends in the Star Wars Galaxy! Over 100 thrilling new missions waiting for you, as you fly across nebulae, space junkyards and asteroid fields

- The first expansion pack for Star Wars Galaxies online role-playing game
- More than 15 different vehicles for space exploration and combat
- Pilot transport ships similar to the Millennium Falcon
- Invite online friends onto your space craft
- Requires the game Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided and an Internet connection. This game charges a monthly subscription fee payable by credit card
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