Starcraft Brood War
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
Publisher V.U.G.
Date N/A
Publisher V.U.G.
Starcraft Brood War Starcraft Brood War United Kingdom Retail Box ArtFans who mastered the original StarCraft's three races and survived its well-crafted story were quickly clamoring for more. A worthy sequel, Brood War delivers further plot twists and bigger battles. In keeping with StarCraft's groundbreaking design, this expansion pack--which requires the original game--presents you with three sides of a galactic conflict. Scheming Humans, insidious Zerg, and proud Protoss collide again, with stunning new cinematics setting the stage. Old friends and foes and ominous new arrivals give the story a breakneck pace, while a handful of additions to each race's arsenal makes for tense battles. Some missions require a bit of finesse, breaking the resource-gathering routine while making good use of the new units. Humans now have Valkyrie missile frigates, as well as Medics that automatically try to heal your grunts. New for the Zerg air force is the acid-spewing Devourer; the new Lurker unit provides heavy-duty (under)ground support. Along with the Corsair fighter, the Protoss re-enter the fray with Dark Templar, which can merge to form the devastating Dark Archon. Unfortunately, units old and new still suffer from some weak pathfinding. Brood War also features stellar new environments and ambient art, as well as more than 100 additional multiplayer maps. Real-time strategy games don't get any more epic or any more satisfying. --Jack Gardiner Pros: New units open up more strategic possibilities More of StarCraft's great storytelling Missions are challenging and varied Cons: Unit pathfinding is still a little clumsy and requires careful micromanagement
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Starcraft Brood War North America Retail Box Art

Starcraft Brood War United Kingdom Retail Box Art