Starfleet Command
Genre Simulation -> Space
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Date N/A
Publisher Interplay
Date 2001-07-27
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtLet's face facts. Star Trek's popularity isn't due to its fascinating stories or complex character interactions. People watch it for the combat. Massive ships facing off in the vast void of deep space, phasers crisscrossing, torpedoes flying--this is the stuff that made Wrath of Khan great. Now computer users can get in on the fun that board gamers have been having for years with Star Trek: Starfleet Command, a real-time starship combat simulation that boldly goes where no Star Trek computer game has gone before. After choosing from one of several authentic Star Trek races, players are free to test their battle skills in a single scenario or proceed through an entire campaign. The missions play out like Star Trek episodes, so you'll contact new alien races, investigate anomalies, and fend off enemies attempting to infiltrate your slice of the star map. There are many ships to choose from (or earn in the campaigns) with a multitude of weapons systems and special abilities, so you'll never run out of new tactics to try. Combat takes place in real time on a 2-D map, but all the ships, starbases, and other objects on the map are rendered in 3-D. The graphics--especially the special effects--are spectacular, as are the sound effects. The latest patch for the game cuts shield strengths in half, making battles much more intense, but even without the fixes Starfleet Command stands as one of the best Star Trek games ever produced. --T. Byrl Baker Pros: Spectacular special effects Dozens of ships to command Complex missions Cons: Needs latest patch to be truly fun
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