State of War Warmonger
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2006-12-08
Publisher Alten8
Date 2006-12-08
Publisher Alten8
United forces under your command have successfully defeated the rebels. All military bases are now controlled by OVERMIND and again can serve to protect peace and prosperity on Earth... BUT NOT FOR LONG, because a new threat is coming... Beginning as small groups of devoted individuals , terrorist groups begin to emerge. Their members do not want peace on Earth. Most influential among them is the Crystal Brotherhood. Mr.Rahman once a member of OVERMIND has betrayed you. He has joined the Crystal Brotherhood and sold them your most vital information - activation codes , along with his own soul ! Now all your base's are ready to face the terrorists , and your duty calls you again to command the united forces of UFSC once again , and the Crystal Brotherhood is to blame for the need to declare once again a 'State of War' !!!

- Massive destruction, with debris flying everywhere !
- Awesome graphics engine with a numerous gfx effects
- Aircraft delivering tons of explosives to battlefield
- Advancer unit changing the course of the game play radically.
- Realistic natural effects of smoke, clouds or flares.
- Greatest explosions ever from Cypron
- Animated cut scenes before each level
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