Submarine Titans
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2000-09-06
Publisher Atari
Date 2001-07-06
Publisher 1C Company
North America Retail Box ArtSubmarine Titans is a real-time strategy game set in the distantfuture. A massive comet hits the Earth in 2047, forcing survivors below the surface of the oceans. They create new civilizations over the centuries, but once again start to war with one another. Players can choose between three distinct civilizations, each with its own objective, history, units, technologies, and strategies. There are the power-hungry White Sharks, the technology-savvy Black Octopi, and the alien Silicons. Players can build and deploy armies, research technology, and mine for resources. Units and buildings can be hidden in caves, under cliffs, or above opponents. The 3-D underwater universe contains five depth/elevation levels, winding mountain ranges, dimly lit caverns, cliffs, and dark tunnels. The four environments include toxic wastelands and the artic. There is a scenario editor, a random mission generator, and a scripting language that allows the creation or modification of custom player assistants and enemy artificial intelligence. The game has multiplayer support for up to 24 players over a LAN or the Internet.

- Three distinct civilizations to play, each with its own objectives, histories, units, technologies and strategies to master
- All new unit classes and structures along with the ability to hide units and buildings creates new twists in offensive and defensive strategies
- A fully realized 3D underwater universe including 5 depth/elevation levels
- Dual control interface allows you to control individual units or entire groups as well as simultaneously planning production and launching attacks on the enemy
- Powerful scenario editor and an intelligent random mission generator
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