Sudden Strike Review

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Graphics: 8.5
Sound : 8.0
Gameplay : 8.0
Multiplayer : 8.0
Overall : 8.6
Review by McGyver

Well lately there weren't that much good Strategy Games except Dark Reign 2. This game plays in the time of the 2nd Worldwar. So you will be able to play the Russian, Allied and the bad German Nazis.

Graphic and Control of the game :

The game is being played on a 2D map which can display several high places. All at all the GFX is very good: All objects are destructable like the trees and houses. Grenades and explosives make wholes in the map, and everywhere you go you will find destruction and explosions. The country gfx is a bit bad, so there are not any animals and civilians, and also the not animated water.

The engine of Sudden Strike is able to show 1000 persons or cars at the same time without having big a big performance loss.
Thats why ypu will often have some very big massfights during the game.

In Game

You will have to play in the middle of the 2nd Worldwar and you will have to command the british, russian, french, american or even the german troopers. During the game you aren't able to build any buildings, so you wont produce or get any other troopers during the game. You will have to play with the start troopers so it's hard.
All at all you can play 3 different campaigns with 40 different missons. The deep gameplay and strategic possibilities make you able to play this game for hours. If one of your troopers overstand a mission it gets experience and can be useed in the next mission. In the later time of the missions you will really need some hours of gametime to complete the mission.
The control of Sudden Strike goes back to the older games. Troopers can be held together with the cifer keys like in AOE2 and all other strategy games. If you want to, you can also add the screen you are right looking onto to on a key to rereach it again when you are in need to. Sudden Strike is being played in Real Time for sure, but if you play with about 1000 troopers, you will not be able to control all at the same time. Then it was a good idea to "install" a so called stop key. After you have pressed it, you can use it to send your troopers to the place where you want to have 'em. Then you can press the stop key again and all troopers will follow the orders you gave 'em.


Sudden Strike can be played with a maximum of 12 players divided in 4 teams. But a Multiplayer game is nufin for a quick game, it takes a long time cause of its tactical gameplay. It's a little bit too long time, but all at all it makes fun playing in multiplayer mode.

All in all

Hardcore players will have fun with that game. It has got a big fat tactical deep and that makes it a lot of fun. Wonderful graphic. A lot of troopers and real places where you can play on. But for the normal player, this game is unfortnetly very damn hard and may cause
some angry player and a crashing puter. In the whole time I played the game no crash happend, and I did not see any bugs. So if you want hardcore tactics you will have to play the game. If you dont want it, then you better just try the demo or simply don't buy it.

Graphic: Pretty good and detailed, just some not nice looking things. -> 83%
Sound: Good sounds of the troopers and good music as well -> 78%
Multiplayer: Long time you will need to play a multiplayer game but if you play and are a hardcore gamer its fun else not -> 81%
Control: If you play it at first you will be angry, but after a few hours you will get used to the controls and eventually be good at it -> 79%
Overall: The game is a hardcore strategy game, nothing for newbies -> 86%
System: I had some probs with the performance but.. PII 266 64Mb RAM