Sudden Strike Forever
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2001-08-24
Publisher CDV
Date 2001-06-29
Publisher CDV
Sudden Strike Forever Sudden Strike Forever United Kingdom Retail Box ArtNew missions, new units and loads of new incentives to dust off that tired old RTS genre and get WWII on its flabby posterior! Touted as "half a sequel" (Sudden Strike 1.5), CDV Software's Sudden Strike Forever is arguably just a dose of heavy reinforcements for its WWII strategy antecedent but it does throw some nice and much needed tweaks into the bargain. Aside from additional Russian, German and Allied missions, jingoists can enjoy a British campaign comprising three missions and, for those that want quick, hassle-free, pan-European military carnage, there are seven new single-player standalone missions. The graphics are largely unchanged, with characteristics still looking diminutive but incredibly detailed. The skirmishes remain equally impressive and the 30 new units add to the hundreds of soldiers going at it hammer and tongs, creating heavily populated battle scenes of alarming fluidity. Vehicles and batteries are still varied and plentiful and now vehicles can reverse, shaving previously annoying moments off clumsy manoeuvres. The real focus of improvement lies in multiplayer, however, with the addition of lobby support through Gamespy and 20 new multiplayer missions. Complementing this is the inclusion of a map and mission editor, paving the way for a plethora of new Sudden Strike communities to rear their pugnacious heads everywhere. CDV have acted primarily on the requests of their fan base and as such you could only expect an expansion that caters to somewhat specialist needs--but that is something it has done very well. If you're a fan of the original, have an historical axe to grind or just love your strategy with scale, jackboots and hot Howitzer action, you're going to like this. --Tae Mawson
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Sudden Strike Forever North America Retail Box Art

Sudden Strike Forever United Kingdom Retail Box Art