Sum of All Fears
Genre Action -> Tactical
Today's Rank 11953
Date 2002-05-28
Publisher N/A
Date 2002-08-09
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtThe game of the film, which is based on the book, The Sum of all Fears is another Tom Clancy tactical first-person shooter akin to Rainbow Six. You lead a crack team of FBI hostage rescue agents, performing good deeds at the behest of Uncle Sam. You start out rescuing a news team from a ragged band of hillbilly militiamen, but soon your team has been seconded to the CIA, and from here on in you get to shoot Neo-Nazi terrorists in a wide variety of different countries. Plot hokum aside, this is a very good game. The visuals are strong, with gorgeous textures showing off the Ghost Recon engine to superb effect. The missions take place indoors, and every location has a very clearly defined identity. The result is palpable tension whilst creeping around trying not to set off alarms or be shot, whether you're in a warehouse or Viennese private bank. This is heightened by the exquisite sound: the effects really show off an EAX card, while the music does an excellent job of scene-setting. Weaponry is well modelled, and while you don't have the ability to pick and choose your shooter of choice, the pre-defined loadouts offered should prove more than adequate. You also have the choice of difficulty settings for the campaign, and while the easy settings don't provide a challenge, realistic--with auto-aim and in-game saves switched off--means you'll usually finish a mission surrounded by the bodies of your team-mates as well as terrorists. For those new to this type of game, the tutorial is excellent, and here you are introduced to the effective yet simple squad-level commands. While the squad commands are adequate for the single player campaign, those looking for pinpoint control will be disappointed, and they aren't really good enough for the excellent multi-player game, where a voice-comms package really shows it's worth. The Sum of all Fears is only let down by a single-player campaign that's far too short, but balanced by a very well implemented multi-player experience. --Jonathan Keith

- Mission-based campaign with 11 missions that take place in real-world locations.
- Intense, action-oriented story line that parallels and follows the plot of the film and novel.
- Competitive and Cooperative multiplayer support including solo/team adversarial play, last man standing, capture the flag and sharpshooter modes.
- Easy-to-use pre-mission interface that allows players to minimize set up time and detail management while allowing quick access to gameplay action.
- Up to 3 additional AI-controlled teams provide player support throughout each mission.
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