Super Mario 3: Mario Forever Lost Map
Genre Action -> Platform
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Date N/A
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Have you finished Mario Forever game? Are you sad that it's over? There is no need to feel so - the adventure continues! The little plumber has found a lost map, leading to forgotten lands, what means completely new levels, unseen before, for you to explore! Bowser is back, so are his armies, among which you'll find a bunch of new recruits! The princess has to be rescued again, the dragon must be beaten one more time so what are you waiting for? Super Mario 3: Mario Forever Lost Map features new underwater levels, where you can swim freely an exciting novelty in Mario games! Meet new enemies, new graphical effects and new challenges but be sure to give a warm welcome to old friends, too! The difficulty level in this continuation of Super Mario Bros is pretty high are you ready to test yourself against numerous walking, flying, swimming and shooting obstacles? Download Super Mario 3: Mario Forever Lost Map and spare some of your free time trying your best to help Mario in his continued mission!
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