Super Mutant Alien Assault
Genre Action -> Platform
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Super Mutant Alien Assault Reveal Trailer
27.75MB - 52 downloads - 22 August, 2015

Three fleets of spaceships flee a doomed Earth carrying the last humans in cryostasis. Pursued by aliens, itís up to the lowly security droids to save humanity. Taking up arms solo or with a friend, you must dance with death in a brutal and addictive arcade platformer shooter inspired by Super Crate Box and stuffed to the brim with unlockables. Fight through rapid fire single screen levels each with a random combination of platform layout, objective, vending machines and enemies. Dodge and weave amongst the aliens to stay alive but donít leave them standing too long or the shipís radiation will mutate them into bigger, nastier versions. Only by unlocking and mastering the wild variety of weapons, explosives, special abilities, defense moves and perks can you hope to survive across all three galaxies, rid your ship of the mutant menace and save the oblivious humans. FOLLOW SURPRISE ATTACK GAMES: REDDIT: TWITTER: FACEBOOK:

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Super Mutant Alien Assault Announcement Trailer (HD)
25.37MB - 28 downloads - 26 March, 2014

Super Mutant Alien Assault is a sci-fi, arena combat, action platformer game, about a ships robot that must fight off an alien assault. These aliens mutate when coming into contact with the ships radioactive fuel, turning already dangerous enemies into vicious monstrosities. Weapons and explosives are limited, and randomly dispensed by the ships weapon vending machines. With random weapons, and semi-random levels, skill is your only chance at survival. High impact, skill-based combat. Semi random levels, so no play through of a level will be exactly the same. Short, but challanging levels, for quick intense game play sessions, in a game that not only respects your time, but understands its limited. Customizable combat options, in the form of sidearms, defensive abilities, special abilities and perks. Optional local co-op play

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