Super Splatters
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Super Splatters Gameplay Trailer (HD)
19.39MB - 103 downloads - 3 January, 2014

In Super Splatters you'll be throwing Splatters across the stage, blowing them up in an attempt to ignite a series of explosions. But unlike other flinging games, shooting is just your opening move! Perform crazy stunts, boost your speed on slides, redirect your shots, or even merge several blobs together - all in an attempt to reach the most spectacular finale! With elastic blobs and extraordinary liquid physics that actually affect the way you play, Super Splatters delivers fresh gameplay, ripe with tricks to explore. Play it causally or get into the combo-hungry-fast-paced-arcade-mayhem - it's really up to you! And in spite of the simple controls, you'll find that mastery requires talent! Super Splatters is an extravagant, combo-driven, action-packed, arcade-style destruction! Key Features: * Cheerful suicidal Splatters - in colors!!! * An arsenal of mind boggling stunts. * "Splatter TV" where you can watch your friends fail miserably. * Combo system that rewards recklessness. * Crude humor. * Batteries included.

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Killer is Dead Trailer #5 (HD)
60.33MB - 94 downloads - 28 June, 2013

Killer. Killer is Dead. Style. Style is alive.

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Super Splatters Official Steam Release Trailer (HD)
57.56MB - 52 downloads - 23 June, 2013

Play with the Splatters, a band of acrobatic, juicy creatures on their path to fame, glory and destruction. Super Splatters challenges players to creatively burst the Splatters against arena walls so that their Splatter juice pours onto explosive fireworks. Beating a level is just the beginning - the Splatters need to put on a amazing performance, too! Use fancy tricks, link up challenging combos and play with the force of gravity while the cameras are rolling so that you can rise to the top of the rankings on Splatter TV.

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