Superbike 2000
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2003-10-23
Publisher N/A
The realistic bike racer Superbike 2000 is packed with real-world pros--20 in all, including four-time world champion Carl Fogarty. Hop aboard racing bikes from six manufacturers, including Yamaha and Ducati. Once you are ready for the road, you get your pick of 13 international tracks to conquer, ranging from Monza to Laguna Seca. Superbike features several modes, including a full season and a practice mode. There is also a race weekend mode, which is simply a pole race with two additional races on a chosen track, as well as single-race and time trial modes. Bikes and weather conditions can be adjusted to suit individual tastes. Two knocks on Superbike are its graphics and excitement level. Colors are a little washed out, while the sim nature of the game may turn off casual fans. The soundtrack is also a little on the subdued side for such an adrenaline-charged sport. --Robb Guido Pros: The most complete Superbike game on the PlayStation as far as tracks and superstars go Cons: Washed-out graphics and sounds A little less simulation and a little more action would've been nice
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