Supreme Boxing
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
Publisher Gamejam
Date N/A
Publisher Gamejam
Supreme Boxing is a free online boxing game in which you have the opportunity to build a fighter and take on the worlds best. Start as a novice with a big heart and big dreams, then develop your skills, rise throught the rankings and enjoy the perks that come with fame and fortune.

Locker Room: Adjust your fighting technique, view your inventory, and use items
Gymnasium: Improve your power, accuracy, footwork and charm
Spar: Fine-tune your skills and gain experience and money in sparring sessions
Fight Tactics: Decide upon your fight tactics and set them here... set tactics for each round based on the fight conditions.
Boxing Academy: Learn the mental side of boxing and improve your attributes
Jail: Go bare-knuckle fighting for additional experience/money, but get caught and spend time behind bars
Hall Of Champions: View the champions of each region/weight and challenge.
Tournaments: Enter a multitude of boxing tournaments based on experience, weight, region, etc. Win prizes!
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