Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date 2002-09-10
Date 2003-03-21
Publisher V.U.G.
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtPoint-and-click adventures are a bit of a dying breed, dominated by such adventuring monoliths as Monkey Island but Syberia might just change all that. It's a new adventure based on an idea by French graphic novelist Benoit Sokal set in a surrealistic European world where nothing is what it seems. You play Kate Walker, a New York lawyer sent on a routine job to Valadilene to arrange for the purchase of the Voralberg Toy Factory. However, things quickly take a turn for the worse when our heroine arrives just in time for the funeral of Anna Voralberg, the person she is supposed to be meeting. It transpires that Anna’s elder brother Hans, long believed dead, is actually very much alive (albeit missing) and is now the sole heir. The main meat of the game becomes Kate’s search for Hans Voralberg. The game play is fresh and absorbing, with Kate travelling through Europe to the futuristic Russian city of Komkolzgrad in search of the elusive Hans. The toy theme really adds to the strangeness of the setting: you spend most of the game feeling out of kilter with reality, and you quickly find that not everything is as it appears, including the inhabitants of Valadilene. The puzzles are difficult enough to be challenging, but not so fiendish that you give up. The interface is clean and simple and you will find that the action is seamless, allowing you to sit back and gape in awe at the beautiful backgrounds and stunning graphics. There are various 3-D elements such as animated birds and weather that really bring the game to life. This is definitely firmly rooted in traditional adventuring gaming territory; there is nothing particularly new here but despite that Syberia is a very well executed game that will delight fans of the genre. --Hannah Toller

- Pentium® II 350 MHz processor, 64 MB RAM, 400 MB Free Hard Disk Space
- 16x CD-ROM Drive, 16 MB DirectX®
- compatible graphics card, DirectX® Compatible Sound Card
- DreamCatcher
- PC
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