Syberia 2
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 1936
Date 2004-03-29
Date 2004-05-28
Publisher MC2
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn Syberia II players pick up directly where the classic first game left off, for a more amazing, immersive adventure. Join Kate Walker and expert automaton designer Hans Voralberg as they search for a place that every scientist says does not exist. Travel on trains into realistic arctic landscapes, solving mysteries as you pursue a legend to the ends of the world.

- 4 new locations and new and continuing characters from Syberia I
- For 1 player
- Third-person fantasy adventure game trails Kate Walker on her voyage to Syberia
- Lush graphics and settings designed by comics pioneer BenoÃŪt Sokal
- Optimized graphics engine with dynamic lighting effects and more fluid animation
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Syberia 2 Trailer
31.67MB - 502 downloads - 19 February, 2004

Syberia 2 Trailer (High res)

play Syberia 2 Trailer download Syberia 2 Trailer
Syberia 2 Gameplay Movie
9.37MB - 236 downloads - 7 December, 2003

Syberia 2 gameplay movie, runs for almost 2 minutes. DiVX codecs required.

play Syberia 2 Gameplay Movie download Syberia 2 Gameplay Movie