System Shock (old)
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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North America Retail Box Art2072, onboard Trioptimum Corp's vast Citadel space-station. You awake from a six-month healing coma, to discover that most of the other occupants of the station are dead...or worse. The station's self-sufficient AI, SHODAN has assumed total control, and seems hell-bent on destroying all human life. TriOptimum view YOU as Citadel's last hope. Can you save yourself and smash SHODAN's evil plans? Luckily, you're a hacker, with a rare neural cybernetic implant. Good'll definitely need it. Classic best-seller PC Game!

- Play directly from the CD. This enhanced edition has full speech for all characters!
- First person 3D smooth scrolling, lean around corners, leap across chasms, climb walls and more.
- Experience sophisticated physics, variable gravity, recoil effects, realistic illumination and more.
- Rocket through cyberspace gathrering information, hacking security and battle armies of malfunctioning cyborgs!
- PC: DOS, Windows 95/98 DOS Mode
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