Take Command 2nd Manassas
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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Date 2006-04-18
Publisher Atari
Date 2006-05-05
North America Retail Box ArtTake Command: 2nd Manassas explores one of the American Civil War's most important battles. Travel back to 1862 and fight what the North remembers as the Second Battle of Bull Run -- a battle which was pivotal to the Northern Virginia Campaign. Take on the essential elements of decision-making for this crucial battle - Take Command or be overcome by it. Accurate ballistics for weapons Play as any leader in Custom/Open Play Battles

- Incredible realism, content based on material from Library of Congress. Details like ballistics, flags and more are also historically accurate.
- 48 Scenarios during 3 battles, 2nd Manassas is one of them. There are several ”what if” scenarios.
- 5 Gigantic battlefield maps, the most accurate American Civil War battlefield maps available in a PC game.
- Several modes of play available, you can customize, play completely historical etc.
- 1000’s of troops like Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery etc.
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