Takeda 3
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
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Rooted in Japanese history, Takeda puts the player in the role of the legendary 16th century warlord, Takeda Shingen.This historically real Japanese war strategy game allows you to test your strategic skills of warfare in the feudal days of Japan. As a general of the Japanese empire, when Shoguns and warlords ruled the land, you must position your armies where you can overwhelm your competitor. Play against artificial intelligence, based upon the greatest warlords of all time, or play head-to-head via the internet with friends across town or across the world.

3D terrains allow you to watch the battle from many angles.
5 unit types with historical Japanese uniforms, weapons, flags, and accessories enrich the cultural backdrop. (Five unit types: Samurai, Spearmen, Archers, Cavalry, and Riflemen)
37 unique castles based on historical Japanese castle layouts add realism to fortifications.
12 Historical Army Formations are based on Japanese history. You can evolve your army formation in response to the current battle situation in real time.
Weather effects like fog, rain, and snow influence the outcome of the battle. Heavy fog can create a “fog of war” effect in battle mode, so that an army would have little or no intelligence about the enemy army’s numbers, strength, and position.
Choose the attack time: attacking at dawn increases the chance of fog, which can be used to cover up your charging cavalry. Natural lighting changes corresponding to the time of day .
Soldiers act human. Fear, fatigue, and morale affect their battle performance.
Chain of Command effect means the leader influences the performance of his subordinates.
Battle replay allows the player to review battle success or failure.
Multiplayer option lets the player to compete against a friend.
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