Tale of 3 Vikings
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
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In this game, the player takes control of 3 little vikings in their quest to get rid of Orcs from their peaceful land. As it happened, a movie team from the Capital arrived in Puddleton to shoot a movie. They collected various dangerous creatures around the world just for the movie and then, suddenly, all monsters were breaking lose and wrecking havoc on nearby villages. Then 3 vikings come forth to save the village folks from these Orcs.

Loki is the cannon-shooter and the leader of the team. You have to work out angle and shooting power to aim the cannon correctly at the enemy target. Targeting is not very difficult compared with most game in this genre. After you've played your turn, the enemies would move and they would shoot as well. It is your task to out-shoot and out-kill enemies before they kill any of your vikings.

Your cannon can only move on rail-roads which can be built by Val (Loki's closest friend). Val is the builder and he can also build walls to counter Ors' attacks. You would get certain amount of gold coins for every enemy you killed on the map. You can then use these gold coins to buy additional cannon balls from Doc (who is your weapon-maker) to shoot more enemy. There is some strategy involved in selecting which cannon ball to use because each weapon has different damage level and different effect. So, beware that a miss shot or wrong selection of weapon would surely get you bankrupt and it is another way to lose the game.

beautifully rendered 3D landscape of the city that you can zoom around
over 50 businesses you can buy
interact with more than 100 citizens with unique avatars
play Blackjack mini-card game with money you made from the game
fight gang wars - head-to-head fight between your gangsters and enemies
multiple ways to win the game meaning that you would still be playing the game long after you have won.
original sound and music tracks
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