Telepath Tactics
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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What Is Telepath Tactics? (HD)
70.22MB - 26 downloads - 28 November, 2012

Telepath Tactics is still in the alpha stages of development: assets shown in this video are NOT final assets. Learn more about Telepath Tactics by visiting the official website for Telepath Tactics:

play What Is Telepath Tactics? (HD) download What Is Telepath Tactics? (HD)
Telepath Tactics Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer (HD)
189.11MB - 44 downloads - 23 June, 2012

This game is pre-alpha: lots of things are unfinished and subject to change. This shows the state of the game's development as of 6/20/12. For more on where the game is at in the development process, read this:

play Telepath Tactics Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer (HD.. download Telepath Tactics Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer (HD..