Terra Militaris
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Players can conquer their rivalís territories by laying siege to their strongholds, taking over and controlling important cities, forging alliances and uniting military forces with other players to lead massive combined armies in epic real-time battles, which can be against NPCs, individual human players and even entire guilds. Players can also increase their political influence by spreading religion, exploring uncharted territories and building trading routes on the vast world map. They must be ready to master all these strategic tools and finally unite all the ancient civilisations under their banner to rule the world.
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Terra Militaris Choose your Strategy Trailer (HD)
12.12MB - 34 downloads - 14 December, 2012

Terra Militaris takes the genre of historical real-time strategy MMO to a new level. It allows thousands of players to turn their city states into empires and lead their civilization to ultimate victory. You can join one of four legendary empires, Rome, Persia, China or Egypt, train a variety of powerful units, build armies, establish trade routes and alliances. Wage war to win prestige, influence and territory!

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