Thandor: The Invasion Review

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Graphics: 7.5
Sound : 5.0
Gameplay : 5.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.1
Review by Joda

Player's mission is to re-establish the destroyed Alliance of Avares, using all necessary means. These means include a multitude of weapon systems on the ground, in the air and at sea. Unite the forces of the alliance, using diplomacy where possible, to drive back the eternal enemy the Golraths to where they came from. An exciting adventure full of battles in which you can establish a new world order with your strategy and tactics and make it Your Alliance!


Thandor comes across with an easy to use and well known interface - point-and-click, mark-and-group, search-and-destroy - just like in old-good C&C - hey what did you expect ist an rts :). It has shortcuts to all important grouping and ingame functions and with a bit training they are real helpful in winning your quests. And well the quests are a problem. You could sit days infront of the game building your own and destroying the bases of your enemies - but with all background story it keeps the same scheme - Thandor is no exception here. Some improvements have been made tho - so you are able to be allied with with your former opponents - and youre able to do research on subjects - for example research can improve your vehicles shields - or optimize your productions but thats it. I have to admit that I'm not the rts fan - to be honest my only rts was c&c 1 and for 10 minutes - but im sure you can put more into an rts then the stuff Thandors makers put in. Think you all have the feeling that i'm bored of the game now and it's right - the game is slow in some way - you sit long times in front of your base, waiting for units to produce - then from somewhere enemies come and shoot at you - you take care of them and solve the quest - that's nothing new, nothing that'd make the game worth buying or that would make it rise out of the mass of rts' on the market.


Thandor comes up with isometric 3D graphics - you may zoom and turn the screen around as you like - if thats of need in your missions is another story :P - it has dynamic lightning, detailed textures and after waiting long time for the destruction of a building you are rewarded by nice looking explosions. Overall the graphics succeeded well, not bombastic but nice, not unrealistic but with lack of life in them.


The same with the sound - it's average. Not bad, professional made - a bit undynamic at all, especially the gun sounds get monotonous after a while.


Fans of real time strategy games may find Thandor fun for some of their free time - all others should better buy one of the bigger games in the genre - whoever wants to trial an rts would better buy C&C which is still setting the standards for rts games.